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Solution construction is a Licensed and insured Residential & Commercial contractor with over 10 years of experience

We are specialised in All concrete works, Foundation/Masonry, Basement waterproofing, Retaining
wall, pavers and Demolition


“Every project goes from small start to remarkable finish.”
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from first idea to final execution.

From the large scales mines to local owner-operators in country towns we pride ourselves in delivering world-leading equipment and solutions no matter the project size.

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Practical experience, multidisciplinary capabilities and the global reach needed to analyze your problems, develop and implement the most appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

Bay Area #1 Demolition & Construction Contractor

No, but culturally the Brazilian concludes that yes because this paradigm exists due to the presence of an assistant and managing the services of the work. With our related experience, our processes will reduce the total time to reduce work time, reduce work time and reduce work time. Generating savings.

The cost of the square meter varies according to the services to be performed and the standard of the material used in the construction, the volume of activities is also a factor that can change the unit cost of the square meter.

Professionals supervise the progress on a full-time basis to assess the quality and satisfaction of the service provided. Guiding professionals about projects and deadlines, so that everything happens as agreed.

We have a team ready to carry out the technical visit, which can take place on the same day or the day after.
In terms of budget, certain services can be informed on the spot, and for other cases in a few days, depending on the complexity of the service/work

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The construction company for your home or business

Are you in the middle of transforming your home or office? For over a decade, we have been helping California’s homeowners and businesses bring efficient, reliable, and resistant construction designs to life. Whether you plan an addition, basement waterproofing, or commercial build-out, the Solution Construction company can make your ideas tangible with unparalleled quality and service.

Rely on our highly trained full-service team that brings supervision and expertise to every project, no matter the size or scope. We are your Bay Area professionals for any building job to be a success!

The company for all construction projects you’re planning

Your project deserves an unmatched level of care and proficiency. Let us be your construction management partner and contractor who ensures superior results that withstand the passage of time. Our range of capabilities includes:

  • Concrete structures and repairs
  • Foundation and masonry work
  • Basement waterproofing and sealing
  • Retaining wall construction
  • Paving, stonework, and hardscaping
  • Demolition and site preparation

At Solution Construction, we only work with industry-standard materials that comply with California’s technical safety, environmental, and health protection regulations. Our heavy equipment is sourced from established suppliers and set up to perform the required job with as little noise as possible. When it comes to waterproofing solutions, sealants, reinforcement mesh, and other essentials, we also use proven brands to keep foundations and structures rock-solid and beautiful.

When you choose Solution Construction as your building construction company, your project will start with a comprehensive on-site assessment. It is carried out with advanced equipment for foundation inspection, concrete strength testing, waterproofing evaluation, and more.

Licensed and insured for worry-free results

As a licensed contractor, we have met stringent requirements to operate in California. Our crews comprise hundreds of technical specialists who have spent years honing their craft and are adept at residential and commercial construction.

Whether your project is based on repairs or a complex commercial service, you can count on us as your construction management company for:

  • Permanent and temporary structures that comply with the building code
  • Cutting-edge techniques defined by efficiency and safety
  • Peace of mind of bearing no risk of claims
  • Optimized schedules and budgets for all projects

There’s no safer way to start your project from the ground up. We will be there for planning, assessments, and execution.

Managing projects like nobody else

Our first collaboration step is determining your project’s working field and specifications. We discuss your goals, budget, timeline, building restrictions, and design ideas. Our estimators then provide a comprehensive quote so you know what to expect. 

Since we don’t believe in surprises, our detailed proposals outline the exact scope of jobs, so there are no unexpected costs or changes. Once you give us the green light as your construction management partner, we will start working with architects and engineers to develop in-depth plans that meet building codes and safety standards. 

Put our expertise and enthusiasm to work for you in:

  • Permit collection. We secure all the necessary permits to begin the job legally. Our staff regularly works with municipal offices and stays up-to-date with the latest requirements for obtaining approvals.
  • Material procurement. With plans in place and permits at hand, we purchase all the materials required to complete your project. As an established construction company in California, we have a way to get them lightning-fast.
  • Construction. From concrete services to structure erection and paving, we can do it all. Our project managers oversee progress to ensure deadlines are met, budgets are maintained, and your expectations are exceeded.
  • Completion. Once it’s over, we invite you for a final assessment to address any last-minute preferences. We don’t consider a project finished until you are 200% satisfied. 

If you are ready to take it from a blueprint to the site, call us today. As one of the renowned construction companies in the Bay Area, Solution Construction is your sought-after solution to start building!