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Foundation/Masonry: The Backbone of Your Construction Project

The foundation is the starting point when building a structure, whether residential or commercial. It’s the underground component that offers strength, balance, and protection. At Solution Construction LLC, we pride ourselves on our extensive experience in Foundation/Masonry, ensuring that your project starts on the right foot.

What is a Masonry Foundation?

A masonry foundation is the basic outline of a structure, constructed using robust materials like bricks, stone, and concrete blocks. It provides a strong base for the system, ensuring longevity and stability. Masonry foundations are not just about laying bricks or rocks; they involve careful planning, design, and execution to withstand the test of time and elements.

Types of Masonry Foundations

  1. Masonry Strip Foundation: Suitable for locations with good quality soil material. It gradually decreases in width towards a specific level. In cases of poor soil strength, a layer of concrete is recommended beneath the strip footing.

  2. Masonry Spread (Isolated) Footing: Wider at the bottom compared to the load-bearing wall above; this type is mainly used in residential building construction with basements.

  3. Stepped Masonry Footing: It is ideal for sloped grounds and includes vertical steps to prevent sliding. It requires utmost care during construction, especially with stone masonry.

  4. Inverted Arch Foundation: Consisting of an inverted arch on which a masonry wall or pier is placed. Though less common today, it was once a staple in construction before the rise of reinforced concrete.

Why Choose Solution Construction LLC for Your Foundation/Masonry Needs?

With over ten years of experience, our team understands the intricate details of foundation and masonry work. We ensure that your foundation is placed in solid locations with minimal risk, providing a robust base for your structure. Moreover, our masonry solutions are not just limited to the foundation; they sometimes extend to the structure walls, offering an exciting blend of strength and aesthetics.

 A strong foundation is the key to a durable and long-lasting structure. Solution Construction LLC specializes in providing comprehensive Foundation/Masonry solutions that stand the test of time. From the initial steps to the final touches, we are with you at every stage, ensuring your construction project is built on a solid foundation.

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